Ken Benson is the Division supervisor for the Interiors, Navigation and Communication Division. He has been at Oakenhurst since February 1997 (actually employed from December ’96) and is now the supervisor of 4 workshops, two IC&N rooms, autoflight and the Ontic repair workshop. He manages the workload of 17 engineers and 1 apprentice and liaises with the commercial team and advises them on customers technical enquiries.

Q. What is your favourite aircraft?

A. Being an “Ex-Navy” man, I can honestly say ANY aircraft that’s taking me on holiday!

Q. If you could learn anything, what would it be?

A. Keep my opinions to myself unless asked. Sometimes I roll my eyes out loud.

Q. If you could be any fictional character, who would you choose?

A. Popeye

Q. What is your favourite film?

A. American Graffiti

Q. What do you like about working at Oakenhurst?

A. Working with such a diverse selection of “human beings”. Never a dull moment.

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