It’s the annual week-long celebration to get into the spirit of celebrating young apprentices & bringing the apprenticeship community together to rejoice the impact on individuals, employers and the economy.

Oakenhurst have always been passionate about running apprenticeships. It is in our opinion crucial to train the younger generation to have a career in the Aerospace Industry or give them the opportunity to have a taster of what is to come. One other advantage of the Apprenticeship scheme is that the learner can earn a salary whilst still in education. This option is preferred by some individuals as it seemed to have a few more rewards than the university route. Oakenhurst currently have two fresh faced apprentices within their first year, Olivia & Ryan, and three apprentices that are now over ¾ of their way through an apprenticeship, Josh, Ricky & Ricky

(Pictured: Ricky D, Ricky G, Olivia, Josh & Ryan)

Previous apprentices retained in employment since successfully completing their apprenticeships at Oakenhurst, Ian (Maintenance and Production Manager), Daniel (Senior Inspector), Lewis (Senior Inspector), Harrison (Divisional Tech), Luke (Inspector), James (Inspector), Antonio (Inspector) are the positive indicators that Oakenhurst apprenticeship scheme is successful and an excellent way to maintain the skilled workforce at Oakenhurst. Ian being our most experienced, started as an apprentice back in 1996 and now he is one of our most experienced team members with 22 years of Aerospace knowledge behind him.

(Pictured: Olivia, James, Luke, Ian, Dan, Lewis, Ryan, Antonio, Josh, Harrison & Ricky G)

This shows the importance of Apprenticeships within our industry. This is why Oakenhurst will continue to run and support such schemes. This is why we shall continue to promote apprenticeship schemes continually assisting schools & colleges to grasp the interest of potential talented individual’s. We love aviation and we love those that wish to join the thousands in this wonderful industry to keep it thriving!