Whilst Britain continues to play the game of “will they, won’t they” with Brexit and the clarification of a trade deal remains vague and unspecified, it is important to remain vigilant and prepared for the worst. In February 2019, we were able to ensure all of our customers that they would not be affected by uncertainties around Brexit at Oakenhurst, due to our pre-application for Third country approval being accepted on 31st January, securing our EASA.UK.145 Approval.

Since then, we have remained actively prepared for any changes that may occur as a reaction to political decisions made. The date of October 31st has gotten closer and will soon be upon us, therefore, in reaction to the potential for an exit of the EU before the originally planned date, EASA has initiated the processing of applications for Third Country approvals from existing UK approval holders.



As of 4th October 2018, Oakenhurst Aircraft Services Ltd made the necessary applications for the relevant organisational type Approval, on the 31st January 2019 confirmation of issuance of certificate email was received from EASA. This includes:


Production Organisation Approval – Part 21 POA production.

Maintenance Organisation Approvals – foreign Part-145 and Part-M Subpart G Approval

With Third Country EASA approval, we are guaranteed that certification privileges will be exercised without disruption, enabling us to continue offering full support to all of our customers, worldwide. Want the proof? We’re listed on EASA’s Part-145 approvals that EASA will issue only in the event of a no-deal scenario on the day following the date on which the UK withdraws from the EU.

At Oakenhurst, we are proud to be a transparent company, committed to openness with our clients and creating an environment where our customers can trust us fully. Whilst Brexit certainly hasn’t been an easy process, and still may have its difficulties and uncertainties, we are dedicated to continuing our quality services without affecting our client’s requirements or needs.