Dear Industry Friends,

In the current unprecedented situation that we all find ourselves in, Oakenhurst Aircraft Services would like to reach out to all of our industry colleagues, clients and friends.

The COVID-19 strain is in no doubt affecting us all in some way, whether that be in a commercial business sense or on a personal and social basis. The industry has suffered difficulties in the past due to a direct impact of natural and premeditated events, but the aviation industry collective has always managed to find a way through those testing times.

This time we all face a global scale situation that is seemingly unlike anything that the aviation industry, as well as all the other industry sectors, have ever witnessed before. The aviation industry is being tested by the COVID-19 pandemic, but if there is one thing we can all be assured of, it is the ability and resilience of the aviation family to come together, fight together, support one another and, although difficult, remain positive.

Oakenhurst would like all of our industry friends to know that we continue to support all of our new and existing client base with efficient and reliable services and at this time see nil adverse effects within our day to day running. We are monitoring and reviewing the situation daily, and have already implemented internal contingency planning to protect our workforce and limit the risks created by COVID-19. These plans extend to ensuring, by whatever means possible, continued and uninterrupted support of our services are fully available to all of our current client base.

In these difficult periods of time it is important that everyone does what they can to assist and reduce strain on the industry and those that operate within it. Therefore, with immediate effect, Oakenhurst will indefinitely suspend all charges relating to any official AOG requirements. It is our intention to work with and support where we possibly can all those friends of ours that need it during this unprecedented situation.

If anyone requires further information, please do not hesitate to contact one of our team who are readily available to assist.

Our thoughts and best wishes also extend to all of the other global industries outside of aviation that are currently impacted and suffering at this difficult and testing time.

All here at Oakenhurst wishes everyone to stay well, remain positive, and continue with the mind-set that we will all progress through this together.

Gareth Cronk
General Manager

COVID-19 Company Statement
COVID-19 Company Statement