A typical question we get from our airline partners: can we bring the repairs in-house?

With our experience repairing flight crew oxygen masks well established, it was time to focus on the accompanying stowage boxes. These are more than just simple containers. Voice communication and oxygen supply are connected through the box, and both aspects need careful attention.

When demand exists to add new products to our repair scope, the R&D team carry out an initial evaluation. Thankfully this addition was straightforward and we were able to accept the very first batch.

First units successfully overhauled and on their way back.

A highly detailed ‘new-unit’ inspection program is then carried out. It is vitally important for us to hold the correct level of spare parts so that we can maintain our turnaround times. As news spreads and demand increases, the investment in spares allows us to react immediately.

After successfully completing the first set we are now pleased to promote our test, repair and full overhaul services from within the ISO Class 6 Cleanroom.

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