Time For A Brew

Grab a coffee and take a look at the extensive in-house repair capability our Galley Division now has on ovens, boilers and even espresso [...]

Capability Update Q3 2017

Latest in-house repair update. The Research & Development team have focused on Boeing 737NG and MAX support for this period. Feedback is always welcome. Our [...]

The Logistics Centre

What's the best way to improve turnaround times? Charlie Parker introduces his solution - a large facility designed from scratch to hold more stock with [...]

Setting The Scene With Mood Lighting

Almost 40 percent of passengers said lighting was a driving factor when deciding to upgrade. It's understandable to see why. Travellers can now enjoy planetarium-like displays [...]

Oxygen Masks & Stowage Boxes

A typical question we get from our airline partners: can we bring the repairs in-house? With our experience repairing flight crew oxygen masks well established, [...]

Charlie Parker On Tour – Ukraine Update

Fresh back from his latest site visit, Oakenhurst's Managing Director describes how our Kiev-based operation continues to impress. "On my most recent visit to Kiev, [...]

The Cleanroom Gets An Upgrade

Evaluation from Clean Air Technologies has found we now meet ISO Class 6 standards. In other words, very, very clean! The best place for [...]

The Pressure Chamber

Oxygen Servicing is a complicated affair. Extreme cleanliness and professional tooling are required for this potentially hazardous material. That's why Oakenhurst developed a purpose [...]

Cargo Net Repair

Oakenhurst are proud to offer Inspection & Repair services from our purpose built Cargo Accessory Division. By investing in the right personnel and equipment we have [...]

Battery Division

Developing our own facility enables us to support all aspects of aircraft battery maintenance. From complete overhaul & deep charging cycles to capacity checks. [...]