We are excited to introduce Michael Cramp as our new Global Sales Rep! Some of our customers will have already met Mike at MRO Europe in October, as he attended to get a jump start on meeting some of our amazing customers. Charlie Parker, Managing Director said,

I would like to personally welcome Michael to the Oakenhurst team. Michael started with Oakenhurst in November of this year and brings qualities to the company like vision, integrity and the ability to listen and understand customer requirements. I am sure that over the coming months and years Michael will introduce himself to most of you and start building relationships with all of Oakenhurst’s customers. So again, “Welcome Michael. I hope you have a long and fruitful career with Oakenhurst.” – Charlie Parker

Michael Cramp

Global Sales Rep

Since Mike started, he’s been learning about what we do here and what it means to be a part of Oakenhurst. He wanted to introduce himself and help our customers get to know him, so next week he will be taking part in ’60 Seconds With…’.

I’m really excited to have joined the Oakenhurst Family. I say Family because that’s how it feels, the company is made up of dedicated employees and everyone bounces off each other and that’s reflected in the progression of the company. I have joined at an exciting time, day after day we are offering our customers the support and expertise they deserve, and within my role I am keen to bring all these capabilities to our current customer’s attention and also introduce our incredible services to new customers.

I’m looking forward to learning more about our customers and how we can keep making sure our service is exceeding the standards expected for such an important industry.

I enjoy meeting with people, learning about them, their story and how they got to where they are, but more importantly I enjoy listening to any problems and improvements they want to make so that I can help find solutions and how myself and Oakenhurst can improve and solve these problems. That’s why I’m eager for you to get in contact with me, whether it’s just to introduce yourself or to start a conversation that can provide you with solutions. I’m always available to talk, so please reach out to me on 07585 140610 or drop me an email at michael.cramp@oakenhurst.com – Michael Cramp