Having been fully operational throughout the Coronavirus Pandemic, albeit at a reduced capacity necessary for protection & safety of our employees, we have had a first-hand perspective of the damaging impact COVID-19 has had on the aviation family as a whole. The damage remains evident through the daily reporting of pandemic related news, the frequent announcements, and the visibly devastating global impact this virus has and continues to have. It is also clear that through supporting one another during this time, we can reduce the damage to our much cherished industry and aviation family. From the beginning of this crisis, Oakenhurst were aware that supporting our aviation friends and working together is the best way to reduce the damage that aviation organisations will sustain and the only way forward. We have continually supported existing and new clients throughout the crisis and offered support and assistance in the best way we know how, by keeping all of our normal support services open to everyone.

In the United Kingdom and across the globe, the virus is beginning to be controlled by the various means being enforced to reduce the spread. In line with this, we have studied all of the advice and guidance provided by the Government and have implemented a COVID-19 Process that ensures the safety of our staff. This includes measures such as protective sneeze screens, face coverings, protective eyewear, regular contact-free body temperature checks, individual & communal sanitation points, signage instructions and restricted movements around the operational facilities.

Globally, the Coronavirus pandemic has had a huge detrimental impact to both our social and economic lives. Whilst the aviation industry has been one of many sectors to be adversely impacted, we are still continuing to offer full support with fast turnaround times on all of our services. Our 24/7 AOG support services have continually remained in place and are readily available to support any urgent enquiries.

Recently, England has lessened its virus threat level and reduced some of the safety measures in place, such as the 2 metre rule becoming 1 metre plus. However, we are continuing to operate with our safety procedures in place to ensure the safety of our staff and that we will be able to continue offering our services and supporting the industry’s recovery.

We encourage all of our industry friends to get in touch to further discuss your requirements and the services Oakenhurst can offer from our large capability range to assist and support you through these turbulent times, to ultimately try and minimise the damage done to the aviation industry by the COVID-19 pandemic.