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Oakenhurst provides a service and skill-level that exceeds most other companies we deal with. The professionalism and knowledge in both product and customer support should be a goal to reach for most other in the business. Any staff you might come across at Oakenhurst holds a skill-, service- and knowledge-level that more than exceeds the needs for any customer. Politeness, professionalism, and even personal concern for both customer product and person is what you should expect to experience whenever you are involved with Oakenhurst.

Norwegian Airlines

Exterior Lighting

Flight Power & Electro-Mechanics Division

Exterior aircraft lighting plays a major role in the safety of all aircraft. Our Flight Power & Electro-Mechanics Division is fully equipped to carry out quality repairs to thousands of exterior lighting capabilities, helping to improve the safety of all aircraft through their high quality work. With heavy AC/DC supplies available for use in testing of a range of electrical components, we can ensure accurate, quality and timely test, repair and overhaul services.

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Customer Support Department

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Interior Lighting

Interiors, Comms & Navigations Division

Effective interior aircraft lighting has the power to change a dreary work flight into a luscious, first-class experience. It can create awareness to key information in an aircraft like emergency exits and the all important occupied light, and is now considered a vital part of effective on-board safety protocol. Our Interiors, Communications & Navigation Division is split into two adjacent purpose built workshops, equipped with high precision test equipment offering coverage to a range of interior lighting capabilities.

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We are confident in the quality of our work, so we offer warranty on our work if there is an issue with repairs we have carried out.

We are providing offers on all of our lighting capabilities, just contact us using code 533THELIGHT to use them.

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