Lilium is confident it can overcome the obstacles of battery density, range and take-off energy by utilising super efficient electric jet engines.

So confident that the date for passenger flight is set at 2025, with manned testing in just two years from now. USD$90 million of funding has been secured from Tencent and the founders of Skype and Twitter, to advance development of the flagship five-seat, electric-powered, vertical take-off and landing air taxi.

Key points:

  • 36 electric jet thrusters
  • 180-mile range
  • 180 mph top speed
  • 5 passengers
  • Hire by mobile app



First service dates have a habit of fluctuating in new aircraft types, especially when then the mode of transport is truly pioneering. But the fact that a date even exists shows how close we are to opening the airtaxi app on our phone and making the Manhattan to JFK Airport hop in 5 minutes.

Competition from rivals to announce their own roadmap updates will continue to drive big headlines at all future aerospace events. Expect to see increasing press from Uber, Lyft and Elon Musk amongst others, as the race heats up.