For a number of years Oakenhurst have been actively involved in running work experience programmes to capture the minds of young individuals who have an interest in the Aviation Industry. The programmes we offer help to provide them with an understanding of what is to come in the future, should aviation become their chosen career path.

Archie (pictured) upon leaving the education system wants to become a pilot. So to gain an understanding of aircraft systems he has joined the Oakenhurst team for a couple of weeks to get some real hands on experience.

He has been fully engaging with Oakenhurst Technicians and with close supervision he has been observing the running of tests, inspections & discussing operations of components to broaden his knowledge. He will be able to utilize these skills when he reaches his goal and is on the flight deck himself.

Archie Pictured with Buddies Jo & Naomi

The importance of such programmes are fully recognised and supported by Oakenhurst to enable any potential future technicians to have an ‘early years’ experience of aviation component environments. With Oakenhursts commitment to this programme, we have installed a dedicated ‘Placements Team’ (pictured with Archie). Oakenhursts placement team, Joanne & Naomi are there to ensure communication between the students, schools, colleges and the work place, run as seamlessly as possible.  They also operate as ‘buddies’ to the students during placement periods to ensure that each individual has a familiar point of contact and a friendly face to go to.

The programmes run in collaboration with local schools, colleges and approved student platforms, so if you know of any young minds who would appreciate the experience then please get in touch via where a member of our placement team will be happy to advise further!

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