Proud Distributor

Oakenhurst are proud to be the official distributor for Spokane Stainless Technologies SealVac ® System covering Europe, Middle East, Egypt, Russia and Ukraine.

The SealVac® Vacuum Fuel Drain Bowser from Spokane Stainless Technologies® is an innovative aircraft vacuum fuel drain bowser that is FASTER, CLEANER, and SAFER than you ever imagined.

The SealVac Vacuum Fuel Drain Bowser safely reduces fuel draining and depuddling times from hours to minutes so aircraft maintenance can proceed without delay. Fuel system maintainers can get on with business instead of sitting around waiting for aircraft tanks to gravity drain. The SealVac speeds fuel maintenance like nothing else!

The SealVac operates from an external compressed air source. Tank and tool vacuum is generated onboard using this compressed air. No moving parts to break or maintain.

The patented SealVac Fuel Drain Bowser vacuum tools seal to the aircraft sump or drain points, preventing aircraft fuel from going anywhere but down the vacuum hose into the tank. It does this without damage of any kind to the aircraft surface.

Amazing fuel drain speed aside, additional benefits facilitated by the SealVac Fuel Drain Bowser include:

– Maximize fuel-handling safety by significantly reducing human contact with fuel. It is common to drain an aircraft without spilling a single drop of fuel when employing the SealVac.

– Safety features installed – aviation grade static dissipating hoses, overflow shutoff, bonded/grounded chassis, and double-walled tank.

– Eliminate environmental hazards. Fuel goes down the hose–not on the ground. The SealVac stainless steel tank is double walled for self-containment.

The SealVac fuel bowser system is located and used daily at hundreds of facilities including US military bases, airports, airline maintenance hubs, aircraft manufacturers (Boeing, Airbus, Lockheed-Martin, Northrop-Grumman, Embraer, Sikorsky, and Eurocopter), and MROs worldwide. It is in use on most major airframes, and can be easily fitted to addtional models.

If fuel reuse or recycling is a priority, we offer the upgraded SealVac Plus+ fuel bowser model with pneumatic pump and aviation-grade coalescer filter. Uses include recycling filtered fuel back into aircraft, diesel vehicles, or ground support equipment. Organizations that have fielded the SealVac Plus+ fuel bowser are enthusiastic about the fuel reuse or recycling opportunity, and the money saved that accompanies this feature.

The Sealvac and SealVac Plus+ are available in 200, 400, and 600 gallon sizes direct from Spokane Industries, Warner-Robins Air Logistics Depot as an equipment item, or through GSA contract. The SealVac is CE marked for use at European facilities.

For a quote or more information please contact Karen Tibble