Aircraft CCTV has evolved.

Monitoring, recording. Inside and out.

SKYCAM helps protect airlines, passengers and insurers against; ground handling disputes, incorrect cargo loading, baggage theft, external aircraft damage, air rage incidents and more.

This is in addition to the well-recognised applications of; cockpit door surveillance, cabin safety checks and confirming freight hold smoke.

EASA and FAA approval, including STC for most aircraft.

Many major airlines have incorporated SKYCAM retrofits across their assets. Manufacturing and distributing the components using our Part-21 division eliminates any logistical risk. We have the knowledge and demonstrable skill to deliver fleet wide roll outs.

Comprising a 5″ colour LED monitor with selectable camera inputs. Each camera has auto-focus, auto contrast and auto low light operation using infrared technology. The integral power supply feeds all cameras, therefore the only aircraft interface is 28V DC.

The system can be used in conjunction with a miniature SKYCAM Digital Recorder. The SDR records video images (and optional audio) to removable flash disks.

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Take a look at the components in more detail below.


The SKYCAM VDU is the heart of the independent Flight Deck Door Monitoring system. The VDU allows the pilot to monitor the area outside the flight deck cockpit door and provides power to the cameras. The SKYCAM system is also used with; cargo monitoring systems, external camera systems and passenger cabin recording systems.

The new 5″ VDU is a direct replacement for the outgoing 4″ VDU and is a result of extensive design and development of this reliable
and popular product. It will fit directly into the same footprint as the 4″ VDU and also uses the same connectors, so retro-fitting takes less than 5 minutes.

The 5″ VDU uses new display technology giving a bright and crisp image with a display that is 38% larger, but has the same footprint as the old VDU. The Day/Night switch also uses variable brightness control, allowing the pilot to select the perfect image for day or night operations.


Three models of high-resolution colour camera are available, all are suitable for new or retrofit installations and all have adjustable camera position for optimum image capture.


  • Universal Camera
  • Wall Camera
  • Short Universal Camera



The new SKYCAM digital recorder has been designed to complement the existing SKYCAM VDU to provide 16 hours of high-quality video recording onto a single 32GB SD card. This can be extended to over 250 hours using a formatted 512GB storage card.

The digital recorder will fit directly above or below the SKYCAM VDU into a standard flight deck panel using a 5.75” DZUS footprint.




The SKYCAM freight surveillance system is an infra-red camera system for use in the total darkness of the cargo areas of the aircraft. This system can be used for a variety of applications such as:

  • confirming correct loading of freight
  • establish any tampering with the cargo
  • identifying smoke conditions

SKYCAM freight surveillance uses the same VDU as the standard flight deck door monitoring system and therefore can be added on to an existing installation by adding the SKYCAM selector box and infra-red cameras.

Alternatively, it can be installed as a stand-alone cargo monitoring system using its own VDU and cameras.

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