Fresh back from his latest site visit, Oakenhurst’s Managing Director describes how our Kiev-based¬†operation continues to impress.

“On my most recent visit to Kiev, I attended the wedding of my friend and business partner Andrei Raschuk, what a wonderful wedding. Alongside me was my partner Gill Shaw a professional photographer. Gill kindly offered to take a few snaps of our facility and the staff as you can see.

I visit the Oakenhurst Ukraine facility at least once a year and each time I am amazed at the skill levels I find, they now design and build their own test equipment which means their capability list is increasing at a faster rate. The current additions now covering some of the Embraer family components. To see for yourself check out our website and drop Dmitry Galileisky (General Manager Ukraine) a quick email to see if we can help you out in this region.”