We’re pleased to announce that we have launched in-house testing at our HQ in partnership with NHS Test and Trace. We now carry out regular Lateral Flow tests for our employees to increase the chances of catching and stopping the spread of Covid-19 before it spreads. Helping protect our staff and ensure we can provide our services to all of our clients throughout the ongoing pandemic.

A team of staff members have trained as our Covid Test Team, managing the testing and organisation of employees to ensure that tests are carried out correctly and staff comply with the social distancing guidelines throughout the process. We’ve been carrying out in-house testing since April 23rd, and it has helped us to further minimise the risk to our staff, the Oakenhurst Family and guarantee a consistent service for our clients.

When employees arrive on site they are tested upon arrival (unless they have been tested on site in the last 48 hours) and within 15-30 minutes we have the test result and can quickly take action if we receive a positive result. As around 1 in 3 people with coronavirus don’t have symptoms, asymptomatic testing is the safest way to ensure stopping the spread of the virus, allowing us to keep our staff safe and continue operations for our clients.

Over the coming weeks you’ll get to meet some of our staff that have been trained to manage the lateral flow tests and are helping to keep the Oakenhurst Family safe throughout the pandemic.