Auto Flight & Avionics Division

ATA 22, ATA 31, ATA 34

The Auto Flight & Avionics Division is embedded within our ISO Class 7 Cleanroom, equipped with its own calibrated air-filtration system to maintain optimal atmospheric conditions. The Division offers Test, Repair and Overhaul to a diverse range of gyroscopic and precision avionic instrumentation. Due to our emphasis on quality, the specialist environment and the highly skilled resources we offer, Oakenhurst has obtained contracts supporting OEM’s who demand the highest standards and is a proud GE approved service centre.

Flight Power & Electro-Mechanics Division

ATA 24, ATA 25, ATA 56

The Division is fully equipped with a 60KW variable speed generator drive unit capable of speeds up to 15,000 rpm and load banks with a capacity of up to 60 KVA and 500A DC. Heavy AC/DC supplies are available and used for the testing of a range of electrical/electronic aircraft components.

Our DV Window framing team are also located here. We provide Inspection, Repair, Modification and Overhaul services to Commercial Cabin and Flight Deck DV windows.

The versatility designed into this Division ensures a wide range of aircraft components are supported, providing our customers access to a large capability list of Flight Power & Electro-Mechanical units, across aircraft types.

Galley Accessory Division

ATA 25

Our purpose built Galley Accessory Division provides Inspection, Repair, Modification and Overhaul support on a wide range of galley equipment. This is a rapidly growing area of importance to airlines, both new and legacy fleet based.  Oakenhurst has capability on high failure rate units such as water boilers, coffee makers, water heaters, ovens and more. Always complimented by a sharp focus on quality, reliability and value.

Interiors, Communications & Navigation Division

ATA 23, ATA 25, ATA 31, ATA 33, ATA 34

Our Interiors, Communications & Navigation Division is split into two adjacent purpose built workshops. Effective communication is vital for the smooth running of air to ground control systems and the cabin environment. Well maintained passenger address and entertainment systems also help establish customer confidence and satisfaction.  The Divisions’ high precision test equipment offers coverage over an extensive range of flight deck instrumentation fitted to various aircraft types. Interior lighting is an essential part of today’s aircraft systems, as well maintained lighting enhances the passengers overall experience. Interior lighting is considered a vital part of delivering effective on-board safety protocol and passenger comfort. The Division’s expansive range also encompasses radio and radar capabilities with Test, Repair and Overhaul support offered.

Cargo Accessory Division

ATA 25

Cargo nets are noted as one of the most abused component parts within the aviation industry. They are commonly perceived as no more than a simple barrier to prevent cargo loads from falling off pallets, or to prevent damage to passenger luggage. It can come as a surprise to discover they are in fact a crucial piece of aircraft equipment specifically designed to restrain any contents during extreme flight conditions. Nets are designed, tested and manufactured to meet extremely high load conditions. This is a requirement they must always meet during their operational life.

Aircraft carrying cargo nets require them to be in an airworthy condition, exactly the same as all other components on board. With this in mind, Oakenhurst’s Cargo Accessory Division is equipped and ready to inspect and repair any nets to the high standard we have a reputation for. The need to discard and replace with new is no longer the only option for aircraft operators. We can repair them and allow aircraft operators the choice to return their nets to the necessary airworthy condition. All repairs are carried out to the manufacturer’s specifications with complete understanding and to established procedures.

NiCad Battery Division

ATA 24

Nickel-cadmium batteries, which are generally referred to as NiCad batteries, are widely used within the aviation industry. With proper maintenance, they can provide years of trouble-free service. Our NiCad Battery Division offers Test, Repair and Overhaul services on a variety of main batteries. Oakenhurst supports Saft batteries on Boeing and Airbus aircraft.